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2023's Music Lineup

A big thank you to our 2023 musical lineup. Check back soon for the 2024 lineup.

Josh Heinrichs and SkillinJah with 77 JeffersonJosh Heinrichs and SkillinJah with 77 Jefferson

Josh Heinrichs and SkillinJah with

Josh Heinrichs and SkillinJah with 77 Jefferson Logo

Josh Heinrichs is an American reggae singer/songwriter who was the former lead singer of internationally known indie reggae band, Jah Roots and current owner/operator of indie reggae record label, GanJah Records. Since leaving the band in 2008, Heinrichs has launched a successful solo career and has released several albums, including a #1 Billboard charting release with Good Vibes in 2016. SkillinJah may seem new to the reggae scene, but is really going on his 23rd year in the business(2022). Despite having over 200 singles recorded and released through various labels (VP, Sony) and with notable producers (Dean Frasier, Donahue Baker) & doing multiple stage shows from Jamaica (Sumfest, Sting) to New York to Hawaii & Guam and it seems people are just now starting to catch on to his undeniable talent and skill that he has had plenty of time to perfect. SkillinJah has now released over 14 albums/EP's and multiple singles over his career. In 2013 SkillinJah "Riddim Jockey" reached #1 on iTunes Reggae charts. All of SkillinJah's other releases have also debuted in the top 10. He has also released multiple music videos to support his albums, with "Emergency Spliff" recently topping 2 million views on youtube. SkillinJah often tours with Josh Heinrichs, performing at many notable Reggae fests & with many notable Reggae acts. He has played alongside gramy nominees SOJA, Morgan Heritage, Damian Marley and many more and has performed at Cali Roots fest(The largest Reggae Fest in the USA) multiple times and has toured countless times cross country to all 4 corners of the USA and the midwest. SkillinJah has also toured Hawaii multiple times with Heinrichs and the country of Guam twice as well. With every crowd member singing along to his songs, already knowing them word for word... It seems it's only a matter of time before the rest of the Reggae world will catch on and fall in love with SkillinJah as well.

Arise RootsArise Roots
Arise Roots Logo

From the heart of Los Angeles rises a powerful movement known as Arise Roots. Steadily becoming a household name around the globe, the group of six veteran musicians united their talents in order to bring a unique and refreshing interpretation of Roots-Reggae with the common goal of preserving its true message. Finding inspiration in everything from the streets of LA to situations surrounding everyday life and social injustices throughout the world, Arise Roots instinctively brings all that attitude and energy directly to the stage and music. Their fresh and powerful, yet smooth delivery has earned Arise Roots praise from some of the biggest names in both International and American Reggae. The success of their last two albums, Moving Forward (2013) and Love and War (2014) which proved to be a solid foundation for the band as they began to tour heavily on the west coast while also reaching new markets in areas such as Canada and across the entire United States. After extensive touring and festival appearances in 2015, Arise Roots recorded two new singles in 2016, “Rootsman Town” featuring Capleton (Jamaica) and “Crisis.” The releases were heavily supported on the Rootsman Summer Tour, which totaled 4 weeks of Arise Roots hosting their first headlining campaign. Arise Roots newest full length record is set to be released June 19th, 2020 and features some heavyweight artist including; Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, Kyle Mcdonald of Slightly Stoopid, Lutan Fyah, Nattali Rize & Turbulence. The true essence of their music is caught in their live performances, so make sure to keep an eye out for Arise Roots coming to a city near you!

Kyle SmithKyle Smith
Kyle Smith Logo

Reggae rock singer-songwriter Kyle Smith, from Ventura, California, offers his blend of Southern California style reggae with Ska, Punk Rock, & Hip Hop that is catchy, truthful, and humorous. Kyle's roots come from years of his troubled youth and addiction while living in Long Beach, CA. His songs explain his life as a young addict with songs like “Dope Fiend” and “Jaded” all the while keeping an uplifting spirit and tempo. Kyle is a warrior, and a beacon of light whose goal in life is to give hope and spread positive vibes with his music. His talent is raw, natural, and unforced. Whether solo with his guitar, or backed with a band, Kyle stands tall and proud. With a flash of his smile he immediately warms up the room and invites you into his world. On 9/24/2021, his first full length album "Lost Cause" was released on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and all other major digital outlets and charted at #2 Reggae Album. Kyle has been touring nationally for years and has recently been on the festival circuit for California Roots Festival, Reggae Rise Up Festival (Florida & Vegas), Mammoth Reggae Festival, and being added to more every month. Kyle has also been featured on internet and radio stations all over the country including, 92.9 KJEE, 91.9 KCSB, Surf Roots Radio, and more. As for the future, Top 40 domination is inevitable. Kyle’s music is going to spark and inspire a new generation of reggae rock enthusiasts.

Treehouse! Logo

Somewhere between the Caribbean Sea and California coastline, the rare merging of influences on the beaches of the Carolinas brought forth a unique style in the sounds of TreeHouse! This American Reggae Fusion act is a nationally acclaimed musical force founded by singer-songwriter, Jeremy Anderson (aka Positive J) who performs lead vocals, guitar, trumpet, and melodica live on stage, while also arranging and recording horn lines, keys, bass, and percussion on current and previous releases. In 2020, as the industry shut down and full band touring became unfeasible, Anderson took the reigns of the project as a solo looping artist while he traveled out into the world for new inspiration, wrote a slew of new songs on the road, and has now brought that energy back into the studio, where he is currently working on the next TreeHouse! release in its new form. "They played as if they were headlining Coachella..." - New York Music Daily Throughout the years, TreeHouse! has had collaborative releases with up and coming artists in the genre including Mellodose, Sun-Dried Vibes, Oogee Wawa, Austin Grimm of Roots of a Rebellion, James Begin of Tropidelic, Nick Sefakis of Iya Terra, and Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth, while teaming up on shows with musical inspirations like Steel Pulse, 311, Michael Franti, Matisyahu, The Wailers, Dirty Heads, Pepper, Stick Figure, and SOJA. The TreeHouse! single, "Blessings" was picked by Stephen Marley and Ky-Mani Marley as one of the top 10 songs out of hundreds of contestants in the Marley's Music Uprising, because they felt this song exemplified the spirit of Bob Marley. Jeremy Anderson plans to continue on this musical life journey while continually evolving the approach. At every step, there is magic.

Sun-Dried VibesSun-Dried Vibes
Sun-Dried Vibes Logo

Sun-Dried Vibes provide a fresh twist to the reggae/rock genre with their high-energy live performances that crank out infectious sing-a-longs laced with a positive message. Since their inception in 2010, the group has performed around 275 dates a year. This band of road warriors have three full length albums under their belt, including their latest release, “Stay Hopeful,” which dropped on August 31st, 2018. The new album, “Stay Hopeful” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Reggae Charts and at #3 on the Billboard Reggae Charts. The record features some of the biggest and best names in the American Reggae/Rock Scene such as Rebelution, The Movement, Tropidelic, Bumpin Uglies and more. The album was tracked by Jeff Leonard and Eric Rickert at Ocean Industries Studios (Charleston, SC), Jim Georgeson and Clay Miller at Echo Mountain Recording Studio (Asheville, NC) and was mastered by Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound (New York, NY).

Alcyon MassiveAlcyon Massive
Alcyon Massive Logo

Alcyon Massive hails from Oregon and has been on a personal and musical journey since witnessing the death of a close friend. He describes it as a process of his spiritual metamorphosis realised though hip-hop and roots reggae.

New RebNew Reb
New Reb Logo

New Reb is not just music, it's a movement of people who want to better themselves for the sake of the planet, the universe. A movement to help people gain consciousness, and awareness of whats going on around them. A movement that promotes positivity and the realization that we are all mirrors, and that we all reflect upon one another.

Enzymes Logo

Grown and cultivated for two decades, Dylan Valley, aka ENZYMES, began with two turntables and a stack of records high in the mountains of Montana. Like seeds, the records germinated mixed tapes and parties bloomed to the production of ENZYMES' original compositions. The topography of the ENZYMES sound is distinguished by its rugged bass lines, genre bending vibes and nostalgic high energy 420 friendly mixes immersed in Hip-hop, Midtempo- Funk, Deep Bass House, Breakbeats, Dubstep and Drum and Bass. With such a diverse spectrum of sound, Enzymes delivers something for everybody. Living cells contain thousands of enzymes. Enzymes creates music for those cells...